Computer Science Courses

Department Faculty
Ken Russell

Course Descriptions
Course Course Number Grade Level Academic Level Additional Standards
Exploring ComputerScience TEC2504 9-10 E
Web Design* TEC2505 10-12 E Web Standards 1-5
Introduction to Computer Programming* TEC2506 10-12 E
Microsoft Office* TEC2511 10-12 E Office Standards 1-5
Introduction to Information Security TEC2522 10-12 E

*denotes semester course and 0.50 credit

Computer Web Design:
Standard 1: Demonstrate employability skills required by business and industry
Standard 2: Plan, develop, implement, and resolve ethical issues involved in creating and publishing a web site.
Standard 3: Create documents using a variety of tags following coding practices commonly used to create webpages.
Standard 4: Create web sites and enhance web pages using a variety of tools.
Standard 5: Test, analyze, and identify performance issues related to publishing and maintaining web sites.

Computer Office
Standard 1: Communication technology and life
Standard 2: Electronic Filing Systems
Standard 3: Using System Software
Standard 4: Access and Navigation of Resources
Standard 5: Citing, Research, and Reliability

Course Name: Exploring Computer Science Prerequisites: None
Course Number: TEC2504 Credits: 1

Exploring Computer Science is a yearlong course developed around a framework of both computer science content and computational practice. Assignments and instruction are contextualized to be socially relevant and meaningful. Units utilize a variety of tools/platforms and culminate with final projects.

Course Name: Web Design Prerequisites: None
Course Number: TEC2505 Credits: 0.5

In this course, students will be introduced to HTML5, CSS3, CSS page layouts, and enhanced navigation. Beginning with the Web design environment and the principles of sound Web design, we will explore planning site layout and navigation, Web typography, colors and images, and other tasks needed to create and maintain a successful web presence. This course covers Computer Web Design Standards 1-5.

Course Name: Introducing Computer Science Prerequisites: None
Course Number: TEC2506 Credits: 0.5

Learn programming in the C++ language through game programming basics. Students will work with a complete program while learning each new concept. No previous programming experience necessary.

Course Name: Microsoft Office Prerequisites: None
Course Number: TEC2511 Credits: 0.5

Master the world's standard business software with this course. Through lots of examples, practice, and hands-on projects, students will learn Microsoft Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint, with special units integrating several of the applications. This course provides valuable, marketable workplace skills. This course covers Computer Office Standards 1-5.

Course Name: Introduction to Information Security Prerequisites: None
Course Number: TEC2522 Credits: 0.5

This course will explore topics in information security, including the need for information security, legal, ethical and professional issues, network security and cryptography.